SUBSCRIPTION - Frequently Asked Questions 


The following are the terms and conditions for our book subscription service.


When and how will my book be shipped?

Your book will be sent through An Post during the second week of each month. Packing and postage is included in the subscription fee. If you choose to collect your book, it will be available in shop from the second week of the month.


Are book subscriptions only for general fiction or non-fiction books?

We will curate your selection to suit your interests: from popular fiction to crime to everything in between. Likewise, if you choose a non-fiction subscription, we will draw from a collection of history, popular science, and biography titles.


How will you know what I want?

After you purchase a book subscription, we’ll send you a short questionnaire asking you about the types of books you prefer to read.


What if I already have the book you send me? Or else if the book is not to my preferences?

You can exchange the book in our shop within two weeks of receiving it. This will also help us tailor your selections going forward.


Is payment upfront or can I pay in installments?

All payments are upfront, but cover the service through the full term of your purchase.


I want to give a subscription as a gift. How can I do this?

You can specify whether your subscription is a gift in the questionnaire we’ll send you after purchase. Just let us know who it’s for and how to contact them and we’ll take it from there.


Can my subscription be cancelled?

All purchases are final. The term of your subscription is set by your initial purchase. For further queries, contact the shop directly.